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...shattered thoughts

2 April
Hey im Jes check out my journal.

a perfect circle, aaf, adam, ae, aim, alcohol, american beauty, ana, angelina jolie, anthony hopkins, ash, audioslave, bed, benji, black, blink182, bob marley, books, boston, brad pitt, brand new, brendon, bright eyes, bristol, brittany murphy, cait, candles, cass, cathy, christmas, cloves, coconut, coffee, coheed and cambria, collective soul, color, comedy central, consignment, cooper, dacey, dashboard confessional, donnie darko, dreaming, dropkick murphys, edward norton, emo, fight club, finalists, finch, foo fighters, framingham state college, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand, friends, fsc, george, gh, girl interrupted, green day, h&m, hal sparks, harry potter, head automatica, hearts, hoobastank, ice, iced tea, incubus, interpol, irish, jack nicholson, jake gyllenhaal, jen b, jen l, jesse, jet, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, journey, keane, kevin spacey, led zeppelin, livejournal, lost prophets, love, magick, michael, michael ian black, midtown, mo rocca, modest mouse, monty python, montys fan club, moulin rouge, movies, muse, music, nip/tuck, nirvana, no doubt, pajamas, pineapple, pirates of the carribean, postal service, providence, psycho, queen, radiohead, rain, rainbows, salval, scissor sisters, shamrocks, shooting stars, silverchair, snow, soundgarden, spring, stone temple pilots, summer, sunshine, taking back sunday, tattoos, the ataris, the beach, the beatles, the boondock saints, the cars, the darkness, the doors, the gap, the gin blossoms, the killers, the ocean, the offspring, the patriots, the red sox, the spin doctors, the starting line, the strokes, the used, the verve, third eye blind, thursday, tom cruise, weezer, winter, yellowcard, youth in revolt