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Jul. 26th, 2010


(no subject)

Havn't looked at this in a LONG TIME.

Sep. 5th, 2009


yes I am still alive...

Hello world, im still here. I have been talking to elliot alot lately, (my ex) he is going to come visit me here and then i am going to go visit him in new york in october. im really excited. I miss him alot. Sometimes you need to lose somebody to realize that they were the one. I know alot of my family and friends may not agree with me, but elliot loves me more than anything in the world and ihave never felt a love like this before. I am excited about what the future brings. People need to realize that this is my life and if they dont like the decisions i make then thats to bad. Just be there for me, thats all you can do. I am going to visit jill and shane and jills mom tonight :) YAY i miss them. cant wait.
Jes with one S

Jan. 6th, 2009


the break up

this is so fucking hard to deal with.

Jun. 4th, 2008


i get so lonelyyyyyyyy lol remember that song?

i havnt written in a while. i havnt been home. ive been working or at elliots or here but just avoiding the internet. Im lonely. i hate being lonely. i miss my friends but ive realized that all my friends that i dont have anymore.. were bad for me. so now im stuck with none. which is better? im not sure. who makes all new friends at 22 years old. the closest friends i have are all away. Jill and Shane my BESTIES live in framingham. i went to see them last night and it made me sooo happy. i want to be around them but it sucks because framingham isnt exactly a hop skip and a jump away. and with gas prices being what they are.. forget about it.

OMG funniest thing tho...
Elliots car is being fixed so they gave him a loaner... ITS THIS GIANT BOX LIKE SCION that says BOURNE AUTO all over it. it looks like hes drivin a fricken billboard. thats what we drove to framingham. it was pretty funny.

im doing well dieting. yesterday i ate too much tho and i felt like an asshole. i got a bicycle and i was gonna go for a bike ride today but... i cant stand the rain. and i dont wanna ride all soggy.


Love everybody.

May. 20th, 2008



im drunk.

dunno how many calories the drinks were.

but dayyyyyyyyum

May. 19th, 2008


beautiful day.

good morning. it is a beautiful day. i WILL be positive today. i will NOT let people bring me down. i WILL do well on my diet. i will NOT think about my money problems.

stay positive.

May. 18th, 2008


oh yeah and i forgot

I dont remember if i posted about a job i was applying for. It was to work in a science lab in norton. i was really excited and i emailed them a copy of my resume. every day after i emailed it i checked my email like 30 times a day. finally i got a letter in the mail and i guess they already hired somebody. so sadface to that... but hopefully another interesting job opportunity will come my way. i look in the paper every day. I JUST AM SO SICK of not using my brain. i am smart and i am a great worker, and i am a people person so i just need to get out there. I need more responsibility. i hate being bored ... especially at work.

k just thought id add that.


I have been restricting my calorie intake since may 8th. Its been 10 days and i havnt lost ONE stinking pound. I cannot WAIT until the 22nd 4 more days and i can start my exercise and i BETTER freakin lose this weight. ITS KILLIN ME. arghh. its just so frustrating because i literally eat like 1/4 of what i was eating and i thought i would start losing right away.

whatever. i know im gonna do it again. i just cant wait.

May. 14th, 2008


extreeeeeme lol

so im EXTREME dieting.
i am Disgusted. how the HELL did i gain all this weight back. Today when i get out of work i am going to the grocery store and buying like... a shitload of celery and fat free yogurt. i am not to drink anything but water and tea NO SUGAR .... maybe the occasional diet dr. pepper. I cant wait until the 22nd because that is when i am Dr. Approved to start exercising again. YAYYY. im getting a new bike ... i just need to find a nice squishy seat so my ass doesnt kill.

i can do it.

ive done it before and i will do it again.

and when its done ill post lovely skinny pictures for all to see.



(no subject)

i just need to get past the dizziness, weakness, and headaches and then ill be on my way.

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